Insurance claim at Integrity


SAFETY FIRST. Start by taking pictures if possible at the scene. Call your insurance carrier and open a claim. If at the accident location your vehicle is unsafe or might be totaled have it towed to our shop. Once we have the claim information, the vehicle is at the shop, and we have your authorization, we will do an initial estimate. 

Agreement with your carrier and Integrity


  Insurance repairs must be done according to laws and safety recommendations from the vehicle manufacture. We will outline a repair plan and then it is up to your insurance. We will request OEM parts if the manufacture recommends it, some companies will not cover OEM parts and overages are the customers responsibility according to the insurance company. 

Tacoma vehicle insurance repair


Once a repair plan is agreed upon between your insurance company and our shop the repairs start.

If your vehicle is totaled once it is deemed a totaled vehicle it can no longer be on the road legally. The insurance company has the responsibility to move the process along in a timely manner, if they drag their feet storage fees may be applied. In most cases storage fees can not be deducted from your vehicle loss.  

Post Integrity Insurance Claim Repair


When the final piece is tightened we will go through your vehicles repair one more time, it will be washed and ready for your to pick up at your earliest convenience. If there is an outstanding balance it must be paid in full before the vehicle can be removed from the repair shop.