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Same Day Bumper Repair Service

Why Integrity A.B.A.S.?


Same Day Service
Computerized Color Matching

  Do you have a small crack or bumper separating from the bracket? With todays technology of safety in our vehicles a new bumper can easily be over $1000 for just the part. Add paint, labor, and calibration for sensors and you are looking above $2000+ No worries we have your covered by repairing not replacing!!

  • Repair for less, no need to replace!!

  • Keep OEM Parts on your vehicle

  • Same Day Bumper Repair Service Available

INTEGRITY A.B.A.S. uses only the highest quality paints and sealants available on the market to keep your car looking like new, and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you aren't happy we will do what's needed to make it right.

You can relax knowing that our experienced technicians use a computer and the factory paint code on your vehicle to expertly match the color of your vehicle.

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